Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Daily Nosh

This blog has helped me to keep going; and the knowledge that my readers and friends are following me, occasionally. Those who have been following recent events shall know what I mean.

I am passionate about Lord Belmont - self!

Simply in order to reassure "regulars" that I am still prandially sustaining myself, I have taken a picture of this evening's Belmont nosh-up, viz. one Marks and Spencer Cornish pasty; onion mash; carrot; broccoli; Perino tomato and chives; accompanied by Jersey butter.

As if you did not already know, the image was taken prior to his lordship having donned the feed-bag and demolished the meal instanter.


Anonymous said...

Tim, seeing what you are up to is as much a part of my daily routine as lunch. Keep going old boy, you brighten my day.


Anonymous said...

Here, here!
But I am concerned that I don't see anything to drink on your table - I recommend a few glasses of a nice Cotes du Rhone.

Sharon Owens said...

Dear Tim,

I check your blog daily just to make sure you are still counting bats, enjoying a restorative or two and having regular nosh-ups. I reckon you should have your own column in the BT - as a restaurant critic. Thanks for the daily blog.


Timothy Belmont said...

J,actually I had a glass - or three - of plonk, though I'd left it in the kitchen; and I was using a thirty year-old crystal goblet which I accidentally knocked against a glass shelf. I'd forgotten how fragile it was and had to bin it. :-(

Sharon, perhaps you could put in a word at the BT for me - they'd need to subsidize me, though. :-)

Sharon Owens said...

Hi Tim, I will mention your blog to my editor, of course. As far as I know, all contributions are paid for, yes. By the way, I was just browsing hotels online for some friends of mine who are coming over from England and if you look up Malmaison it has a Secret Mal Website for "juicy" revelations... Methinks I'll direct my clean-living chums to the Ravenhill Guesthouse instead. Their website promises an award-winning fry-up. Ahem.

Timothy Belmont said...

They clearly are unaware of the celebrated Belmont fry-up. :-)

The Dowager always loved it, though was unable to do it justice latterly.