Friday, 16 July 2010

M&S Chicken Korma

I have just consumed Marks and Spencer's Chicken Korma this evening and, to my mind, it is very good. Bear in mind that I have tasted many chicken Kormas over the years - home-made, Indian restaurants, takeaways and supermarket brands.

I found it the right consistency, with chunks of chicken breast therein. Their description is: "A mild, creamy curry made with pieces of marinated chargrilled chicken breast, toasted almond, coconut, cardamom and mace". Quite so.

It weighs 350g and they recommend that, for best results, it is microwaved; and that takes three and a half minutes.

I made the pilau rice myself with the Basmati variety. I cannot remember what it cost; however, for one person, it is substantial enough and suited me perfectly. It was probably worth paying a little extra because it saved me the bother of making it myself.

I think I shall try their Tikka Masala the next time.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what to have for dinner when I read your now I have ordered a takeaway (sorry, carry-out) from our local curry house. Consequently I can barely type for drool..wish they'd hurry up and deliver!

Timothy Belmont said...

Hope you're enjoying it!