Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Formidable Partnership?

Belfast International Airport (aka Aldergrove Airport) and Ryanair could potentially make a great partnership.

Ryanair is always conceiving innovative ways of generating their profits, like the notion of loo charges, and so-called "vertical seats".

The Airport intends to introduce a £1 tariff for collecting and leaving off passengers. Whatever next?

The sooner we have a rail link to the Airport, the better.

Consumers ought to bombard the Office of Fair Trading and other bodies with complaints.


Anonymous said...

I am a frequent flyer to England but never use Aldergrove on principle, due to the lack of a rail-link.
Ryanair is fine. It's a matter of learning how to avoid all the extras - even with £1:00 'loo charge' they appear undercut all the opposition. Their punctuality is also excellent.
I cannot believe that 'vertical seats' will be allowed by the Civil Aviation Authority. Does any airline in the world do this at present?

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

Some people would find the loo charge difficult to resist, especially were they to suffer from a weak bladder!

I think I'd bring - or use - an empty drinks bottle discreetly rather than pay O'Leary for the privilege of using one of his spartan loos.

Anonymous said...

I think one needs to take anything O'Leary says with a large wheelbarrow-load of salt - he loves being in the media and generating press-coverage for Ryanair with his outlandish ideas. The more controversial the better, he really does believe that there's no such thing as bad publicity. But then again, when you start from the low baseline his airline occupies, that's perhaps not such an unrealistic position!
I think the provision of flights between Belfast and the rest of the UK has declined in recent years. Easyjet now only fly 2 flights a day between Luton and City, at highly inconvenient times for people travelling with family. Aldergrove is a pain to get to, but at least it doesn’t shut up shop for the night at 8pm!

Anonymous said...

I rest my case!