Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lady Rose Lauritzen

Lady Rose Lauritzen is a granddaughter of the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Londonderry; a younger daughter of the late Lady Mairi Bury; and holds the Tenancy of Mount Stewart House in succession to her aforementioned mother whose elder daughter is Lady Elizabeth Mairi Keppel (b. 1941) who married in 1962 (div.) Alastair Michael Hyde Villiers (1939–2005) and has issue, and in 1980 (div. 1988) Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley;

This entry is from the London Gazette of 1980:-


Queen Anne's Gate, London S.W. 1
27th November 1980

The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to ordain and declare that Rose Deirdre Margaret, wife of Peter Lathrop Lauritzen, Gentleman, shall henceforth have, hold and enjoy the same title, rank, place, pre-eminence and precedence as the daughter of an Earl which would have been due to her had her father Derek William Charles Keppel, Esquire (commonly called Viscount Bury), survived his father Walter Egerton George Lucian, Earl of Albemarle and thereby succeeded to the title and dignity of Earl of Albemarle.

And to command that the said Royal Concession and Declaration be recorded in Her Majesty's College of Arms.


Anonymous said...

It might have been appropriate to write "a" daughter or "younger" daughter because Lady Mairi (my late grandmother) has two daughters alive. I find it very insulting you appear to have completely ignored my mother who is Elizabeth, the elder daughter of Lady Mairi. Being married to a Peer, in 1980, Elizabeth did not seek to obtain a similar warrant to her sister in that year because peerage titles (i.e. to put it simply those entitled to wear a coronet at a United Kingdom Coronation)submerge so-called "courtesy" titles.

To make amends for a wrong impression you may have created, perhaps you will publish a photograph of my mother so that her friends know that Elizabeth is alive and comparatively well, supported by the love of her family. If you will do this please kindly provide me with a postal address to which I can send the photograph for you to scan.

Yours faithfully,

Charles Villiers


Timothy Belmont said...

Many thanks for getting in touch. I am truly sorry that you have been offended by my inadvertent omission.

It was completely unintentional and I merely mentioned Lady Rose because of her present connection with Mount Stewart.

I shall contact you by email forthwith.

Anonymous said...

I really do not think anyone reading your blog attached to the gentleman’s concerns would have read it in any context other than you commenting on what was happening within the context of Mount Stewart and the goings on there.... There was no reason in your commentary for you to have mentioned Elizabeth as she was not relevant to your comments.... but I can see how someone connected to the family would like their mother mentioned and as a reader it will be nice to read another informative and I'm sure interesting snippet on another person connected to the property.. So look forward to viewing a photo of this Lady and the commentary you add.... it is of interest to me as I am currently reading Circe the life of Edith Marchioness of Londonderry.
Till your next blog!

Anonymous said...

My name is M. Waldemar Stewart-Hohenzollern and I wish to figure on my Family for which I was related. My part of Family, was removed from the Stewarts during World War II when Charles Marquess of Londonderry came to "America" through Canada in order to work on several Weapons Systems that saved Engleland... I am related through a daughter, who married a "Bundes" Member who fought on the side of America-Canada-England as Special Operations Executive or Office of Secret Service and his name was Joachim... In the beginning of the War he spoke fluent (Swabei Locht Germany) and assisted the Partizans of France... And, hunted down the likes of the "Butcher of Lyon", Freed Concentration Camps with 14th, 18th and 88th Reconaisance in Tow(Raffensberg the Worst) and rounded up the final few for the Nuremberg Trials. Both "Wild Bill" Donovan and Lord Louis Mountbatten were his Report Officers. Lord Louis Mountbatten, is where he met my Grandmare that is related to the Marquess of Londonderry. She was doing her part in the War as Nurse in Battle of Britian for Nationalism and Patriotism runs deep in OUR Family. GOD, Country and Family Line no matter what all things equal... I have very fond memories, of my Cousins in which the Chaplins came to Miami Beach, FL. where I grew up because my Grand Father Joachim moved from New York after the War as O.S.S. became C.I.A. and Cuban Crisis became an issue... My Father, was Murdered several years back and I am no longer under his promise not to contact Family abroad. He hated everything Europe because of what the War did to his Childhood. I am wondering, if this Blog is still open if someone can reach out to me because I wish to put the pieces back together about my Grand Mar'es Family connections. I am very reasonable and I understand if you wish not to connect but I will still use my "Charles Tenacity" in order to bring "Shalom" or Nothing Broken about my past... A neighbor in Miami Beach, FL. taught me this about life! She survived a Concentration Camp in "Dochau"... My Great Grand Father, J. Waldemar Hohenzollern also taught me... "You have to know where you came from, in order to know where you are going"... Please, do at least say hello as friends? GOD bless you for having the tribute to OUR Family-Line because it is something., Warmest Regards,
Waldemar Stewart-Hohenzollern