Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Belfast Pubs & Clubs

I've been making inquiries about the ownership of Chelsea Wine Bar on Lisburn Road, Belfast, solely as a matter of curiosity.

It transpires that it is part of a much larger chain, under the aegis of Wine Inns Limited; and it includes:

  • Bar Twelve & Metro
  • The Elk Bar
  • Egg Bar
  • M Club/V Bar
  • Chelsea Wine Bar
  • Parlour Bar
  • Four Winds
  • Belfast Empire
  • Robinsons Bars
  • Cutters Bar & Grill
  • Wine & Company
Golf Holdings is the parent company of a number of businesses involved in the drinks and hospitality industries in Northern Ireland.

These include Wine Inns, which owns the Winemark chain of off-licences and the Regency Hotel; James E McCabe and City of Belfast warehousing.

James E McCabe is one of the longest established and best known wine companies in Northern Ireland and is the parent company of Property Management Services, a business which has interests in retailing through service stations.

Wine Inns also has an extensive portfolio of some of Belfast’s best known bars and clubs.


    Anonymous said...

    Ahhh, Robinsons! A place where I wasted many an afternoon, some when I should have been at school. That was the beauty of the CCB school uniform (black jacket, black tie, white shirt, no badge on anyting), you could easily pass for a thirsty teenage mourner en route to or from a funeral. Or at least that's how I reckoned it appeared. More likely, the barmen just thought "Here's some more underage drinkers from that school over near Stormont" Pint of Smithwicks please!

    Timothy Belmont said...

    Yes, the CCB outfit was non-descript in comparison with the scarlet of Brackenber; and stripes of Cabin Hill.