Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dirty Duck Tuck!

I am steadily recovering from a hearty evening spent at the DD with BP. I rode the Proprietary Belmont Two-Wheeler down to the railway halt and chained it to a lamp-post, as usual.

Like Holywood, the DD was remarkably quieter than usual when we arrived. we found seats easily. BP supped the customary DD Ale; while Timothy Belmont sipped Bombay Sapphire with tonic-water.

The grub was as good as ever: I donned the feed-bag for the breast of duck with Parmesan croquettes, French beans and onion chutney; while BP opted for - indeed - scampi, again!

Incidentally, they seem to have opened a chip shop in the town, called the Ruddy Duck Fish House; has anyone tried it yet?

While BP left the bar for a few minutes, I began chatting to a lady - a "regular" - on her own. We'd see her most Saturdays and it transpires that she is a lovely person. We bought her a sweet sherry.

The evening progressed and the DD filled up. A live band began at about ten-thirty. We decided to stay for the duration and get a taxi home.

Consequently, at about a quarter past one this morning, I made for the halt and retrieved the trusty two-wheeler.


madpierre said...

Timothy Belmont I do declare this "BP" character is leading you astray old chap!!!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

He tells me he's a partner in the Bird's Eye Scampi Division; utter rot, of course.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

I thought the Loose Women were good craic but you guys take me to the fair. Try to say Dirty Duck Tuck really fast after 14 pints of fermented apple juice. Or maybe not. You Numpty. MMx

madpierre said...

Sad to say MM but Lord B probably will try this after 6 or 7 G&Ts in fact we may even try a speech impairment regression test (or "SIRT") and let me tell you now hes a dead "sirt" to fail!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

HRH had already enjoyed a snifter; didn't wish to mix his drinks ;-)