Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bushmills Inn Lunch

I've spent the afternoon at the Bushmills Inn hotel, enjoying an extended lunch with some good pals. We had a splendid chin-wag, accompanied by a carafe of white wine and several Tanquerays.

Timothy Belmont finds it astounding that the bar staff had not heard of the classic Brandy Alexander cocktails, which Amanda had requested. They even asked us what the ingredients were and noted them down (heaven knows why). Sack the head bar-man!

I actually think they'll need to pull their socks up.

Mandy had the pate, while Robert and I ate the prawns for hors d'Ĺ“uvre;  Our main course consisted of a cheese and ham salad for Mandy; Robert had pork (which was untrimmed and had a thick fatty rind thereon; while I once again donned the feed-bag for the venison burger with chutney and chips: A plain burger with a toasted bap roll, chips, and very small garnish and relish.

For pudding Mandy had the rhubarb compote; and I ravished the sticky toffee pudding with whipped cream.

We didn't vacate the premises till four-thirty. Mandy and Richard, if you are reading this, thank you both so much for an occasion I'll always remember.


madpierre said...

Good stuff!!!! and not a biker in sight!!!! sounds like a good feed alright must try it sometime

Anonymous said...

I have been reading, with interest,your experiences of dining-out on the North Coast. It made me curious to know where you have been staying and whether you would recommend the establishment?

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed you'd like it, Pierre; a comprehensive range of Bushmills whiskeys. ;-)

Anon, I was staying at my aunt's place, though there many many decent places to stay in the vicinity. I expect the Bushmills Inn is likely the dearest, though it is charming, characterful, atmospheric and hospitable. It would be very easy to run up a hefty bill at the Inn!