Monday, 30 May 2011

Ormiston Revisited


Ormiston House revisited, or rather the grounds, at least. I met some friends this afternoon and we enjoyed a good stroll round the exterior of the old mansion.

I spent some of my school-days here during the 1970s.

Ormiston is presently (May, 2011) for sale.

I never appreciated its architectural features, including stone cannon, crests, figures and a rampant lion at the apex of the entrance front.

Incidentally, if one enlarges the top image, one shall observe a small spanner placed by a miscreant pupil or work-man atop the right-hand crest! Can you see it?

The grounds are still quite extensive and, together with the House, would be a marvellous opportunity for restoration and change of use to a hotel.

There are stone steps which lead down to the site of the former tennis-court, to the rear of the House.


Sweet Thing said...

I agree Lord Belmont it would be wonderful to see it put to use as a luxury Hotel

Timothy Belmont said...

The ulterior motive is that I could cycle up of an evening on the Proprietary Belmont Two-Wheeler. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Surely it would be better as a private house? Perhaps the Rt. Hon. the Lord Rana would like to relocate from Malone Pk.?


Timothy Belmont said...

Just so long as he invited me over for the odd snifter of an evening. ;-)

I have designs on the old pile as a comfy den for restoratives, cycling over on the two-wheeler.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I would also like to see this gem of a building restored for future generations. But....
I work in the NI Assembly and I know they are waiting to "dump it" for a fraction of the asking price. Regardless. They paid,in region,approx £9m of tax payers money. But the NIA have hardly been known for wise decisions of any type.
Regards, Inv Wood

Jack Plane said...

I remember Ormiston well; with it's outdoor pool and changing rooms. In my day, the housemaster was 'Bug' Wells, one of the biology teachers. His daughter kept a pet rabbit in a hutch in the garden. A certain pupil painted 'Bug's Bunny' on the hutch.

Timothy Belmont said...

I remember Pop Wells! Large chap, wasn't he?

Jack Plane said...

Yes, Wells was an imposing man – who, now that I recall his appearance, reminds me of the American actor Edward Herrmann. Actually, his wife had a bit of the Glen Close look about her too.