Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chelsea Revisited

I enjoyed some hearty nosh consisting of braised steak casserole with mash and butter, at the Chelsea Wine Bar on Belfast's Lisburn Road last night, so the old feed-bag was firmly in place.

It was busier than the previous occasion, mainly, it is thought, due to an Ulster Rugby match being televised at the Bar and the proximity of the Balmoral Show, at the King's Hall complex.

BP, who had the honey chicken goujons with noodles,  was telling me that it may be a couple of years before they can re-locate to the Maze, or wherever, since they'll require an arena or Hall of some sort.

The wine-bar quietened down when the rugby match ended and a steady stream of patrons arrived. We like the waitresses here and I flirted a little with the petite brunette one, whose hair was neatly tied back.

We remained downstairs till eleven, when we left for the last train home.

Fool, Belmont! I missed the Sydenham halt (I'd had a few gins, it was dark outside, there was nobody else getting off with me and I was frantically pressing the door button at the wrong side!); so I alighted at Holywood and got a taxi back to Sydenham, where I retrieved the Proprietary Belmont Two-Wheeler and rode home.


Anonymous said...

Tim, when I lived in Malone, the Chelsea wine bar was regarded as quite grim! I wonder if it has changed substantially? Friends who are still in Belfast would tend to go to places in the 'Cathedral Quarter'.


Timothy Belmont said...

Must mention that to BP. There'd be quite a few restaurants at the Cathedral Quarter, wouldn't there? Any wine-bars or similar?

davethewineguy said...

Tim you and your mate should be at nicks warehouse winebar of an evening!