Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Wiggly Worm!

The columnist, Richard Kay, has given us an amusing tale this morning about three year-old Eliza, the Duchess of Cornwall's granddaughter, and the Wiggly Worm:

When Eliza, whose mother Laura Lopes is Camilla’s daughter, looked scared at the roar of the crowd on the carriage ride from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace, best man Harry quickly pulled it out of his pocket to make the youngster laugh.

The trick worked so well that Eliza refused to hand the toy back and insisted on hanging on to it for the official wedding photographs, taken by society snapper Hugo Burnand.The photographs were sent around the world — but no one has spotted the toy until now. 

‘Did you see the wiggly worm? That was the funniest thing. I can’t believe no one has spotted it,’ Camilla said yesterday. 

‘I was so worried about Eliza. She is such a lovely little thing and looked so gorgeous in her dress but it was a very big occasion for a child of her age.'Harry pulled this wiggly worm out of his pocket in the carriage to keep them amused. 

Eliza loved it so much that she wouldn’t let go and it even made the official photographs. 'Can you believe it? She was holding onto my finger but in her other hand was this worm'.

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