Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dinner at McHugh's

I was in central Belfast tonight, at McHugh's Bar to be precise. I left the Proprietary Belmont Two-Wheeler at Sydenham Halt; took the train to "Central" station; met BP in the lobby; and we walked to McHugh's Bar and Restaurant, at Queen's Square.

We took a pew on the ground floor, where a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic, and a locally-brewed ale were ordered. Timothy Belmont admired the scenery, viz. the pretty girls adorning the surroundings, most of whom, sadly, were accompanied by their male companions.

Having consumed several rounds, we ascended the stairs to the restaurant upstairs, where the staff were exceedingly attentive and helpful.

We both ordered the "Locally Reared Prime Northern Irish 10 oz Sirloin Steak (£16.95) with slow roasted tomato and a Portabello mushroom", accompanied by side orders of chips and French-fried onions:
 "McHugh's special black rock grilled steaks allow one to finish one's own steak at the table on 430˚ volcanic rock. The volcanic rock intensifies the flavour and provides the most amazing aromas whilst offering a healthier option as no oil or fat is used. Our chefs simply begin the cooking process leaving you to finish your steak at your table exactly to your liking. (Caution: Please do not touch the rock as it is extremely hot.) "

I usually eat fillet steak, though I have to say that the sirloin was tender, lean and flavourful. The three sauces, pepper, Bearnaise and garlic butter, were very good too; as were the home-made onion rings, which were very large.

For pudding, BP had the Apple Crumble Tartlet with Glastry Farm Bramley Apple Ice Cream (£4.25), crisp sweet pastry case filled with spiced stewed apples and buttery crumble; and I had the Dark Chocolate Truffle (£3.95) on a light vanilla sponge, served with Chantilly cream.

On the strength of tonight's meal I'd recommend McHugh's restaurant.

Thence we walked past the Albert Clock, along High Street, up Skipper Street and Hill Street; eventually arriving at the Duke of York, where we had yet another round. This bar was still busy and jolly.

We had to take a taxi home.

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