Friday, 20 May 2011

Encore Ramore!

I forgot that they don't have wi-fi access at Ramore Wine Bar in Portrush, County Antrim. I had the netbook with me and, having attempted to obtain a connection, asked a member of staff: "sorry, no".

Still, I took a photo of the chilli beef fillet with shredded lettuce, mayonnaise and pitta bread.

I was shown Table 30 immediately, though the restaurant was busy, just short of crowded, what with the North West 200 being this weekend.

Service was very swift, too: It arrived before I'd even taken my jumper off! Super-fast.

It was delicious: very tender strips of beef in a chilli sauce. So simple. I could have ordered some vegetable as a side dish. However, I'm indulging sufficiently whilst in the vicinity. I washed it all down with a small 50-50 shandy.

Good old Ramore! Evergreen and invariably fun.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have expected a restaurant to have wireless internet! Don't you find it strange using it at the table?


Timothy Belmont said...

Sometimes I'm on my own and It's a diversion; like reading a book or paper.

surprisingly, many restaurants have wi-fi, particularly in cities.

I got wi-fi free at the Distiller's Arms last night.

Because Ramore has a goos website, I wrongly presumed they'd laso have wi-fi.

I don't really bother what others think!

Timothy Belmont said...

Incidentally, I think it's a shame that more restaurants do not offer game.

The Distiller's Arms Tartine is one exception (though they only had guinea fowl last night).

The Bayview Hotel never seems to have any game on the menu; nor do Sweeney's; nor does the Causeway Hotel ... etc

That's disappointing, to my mind.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, if I was dining by myself I'd bring a paper.

Re. game, I expect it's because it's not a coastal dish. In saying that, I've always been disappointed that there isn't any good seafood restaurants on the north coast. Portballintrae would no doubt benefit from a Cornwallian harbour-based establishment selling varied fruit de mer!