Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Edward Hardwicke, 1932-2011

I am saddened to learn of the death of the actor Edward Hardwicke (right), well known for his role as Dr Watson alongside Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.

Edward Cedric Hardwicke was born on August 7 1932 in London, the son of the actors Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Helena Pickard.

He was twice married. He was divorced from his first wife, Anne Iddon, who died in 2000, and is survived by his second wife, Prim Cotton, as well as by the two daughters of his first marriage.

The Daily Telegraph has published an obituary.


R. B. said...

Edward Hardwicke and his distinguished predecessor David Burke were pivotal in transforming our understanding of Watson from the bumbling Col. Blimp portrayed by Nigel Bruce and various successors into a worthy comrade and collaborator for Sherlock Holmes. Hardwicke's Watson was intelligent, highly competent, tough-minded, and compassionate. And in every role that Hardwicke undertook, his professionalism and his superativle acting shone through. He was a great actor and a true gentleman. May he rest in peace and may the joy that he gave so many be his imperishable monument.

Gavin Bamford said...

I recall him playing the part of Major Pat Reid of Coldidz fame.