Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clermont Graves

Hugh Rowland has very kindly taken several photographs of the neglected and forgotten grave-stones of the 1st Lord and Lady Clermont. The graveyard is within the parish of Jonesborough in County Armagh.


Thomas Fortescue (1815-87) was elevated to the peerage as 1st Baron Clermont. His wife, née Lady Louisa Grace Butler, was the daughter of James Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde.

The 1st Baron's brother, Chichester Samuel Parkinson-Fortescue, 2nd Baron Clermont (1823-98), had been created the 1st Baron Carlingford in his own right. Lord Carlingford died in France.

The Fortescue seat was Ravensdale Park, near Dundalk in County Louth.

"I recently visited the graveyard at Jonesborough and as you can see it is very overgrown. It was difficult to locate the grave that I assumed was Lord Carlingford's. The inscription on the base of the stone on the left states....This stone was laid by Lord Carlingford whereas we thought it stated this is where Lord Carlingford is laid. 
It was laid in memory of the daughter of the [1st Marquess of Ormonde]... I find it disgraceful that the Church of Ireland vacates a church and also closes its eyes to the state of its graveyards. Incidentally this graveyard is also used by the Roman Catholic population and the local Republican groupings who keep their side in immaculate condition."


Anonymous said...

That paths of glory lead but to the grave. Even those of us who achieve the highest accolades society holds for us, are forgotten stones one day. Everyone is equal in death.


Anonymous said...

I see that Hugh Rowland cleared out the growth from around the Clermont graves. Well done. Are they his relations? If not, then why not clear the others too, while he's at it? Maybe this is a new form of name - dropping!
As for being "it disgraceful . ." the graves do not belong to "it" and they can always be tended by family members - if these members have any inclination to do so. Or employ such good men as Mr. Maurice Patton of Grave Concern Ireland (see today's BBC web site Northern Ireland News).
I do agree with the earlier comment by W.
D A O'Neill