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Nicholson of Crannagael


THE REV WILLIAM NICHOLSON, of Tallbridge, County Armagh, Rector of Derrybrochus, settled in Ulster, and was murdered in the Irish rebellion of 1641.

He married Elizabeth Percy, and had a son,

JOHN NICHOLSON, of Cranagill, County Armagh, who purchased the lands of Breaheaville and Derry, County Tyrone, 1632, and was murdered with his father at Cranagill, leaving a son,

WILLIAM NICHOLSON (1632-1715), of Cranagill, who joined the Society of Friends.

He wedded Isabella Gilbert, and had issue,
JOHN, of whom presently;
Thomas and
James, both killed at the siege of Derry, 1688-9;
Abraham, died young;
Prudentia; Sarah; Elizabeth; Jane.
The eldest son,

JOHN NICHOLSON, of Derrycaw, where he built his house in 1698, espoused Margery Brownlow, and dvp 1704, having had issue,
William, of Derrycaw;
JOHN, of whom hereafter;
Isabel; Elizabeth.
The third son,

JOHN NICHOLSON (1691-), of Hall's Mill, near Lawrencetown, County Down, married, in 1710, Mary Walker, of Lurgan, and had issue,
JAMES, of whom presently;
Sarah; Mary.
The youngest son,

JAMES NICHOLSON (1734-79), of Dublin, who purchased, in 1760, the Hill portion of Crannagael from John Nicholson, of Tallbridge, wedded firstly, in 1755, Ruth Morton, of Grange; and secondly, 1777, Sarah ______, and had issue by his first wife,
JOSEPH, of whom presently;
Sarah; Ruth.
The eldest son,

JOSEPH NICHOLSON (1758-1817), of Dublin, and afterwards of Bernagh, Grange, County Tyrone, Bessbrook and Crannagael, County Armagh, espoused, in 1782, Abigail, daughter of James Hogg, of Lisburn, and had issue,
James, died in infancy;
James, of Keady, died unmarried;
JOSEPH, of whom presently;
Thomas, of Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA;
John, died in New York, USA;
Mary; Ruth.
The third son,

JOSEPH NICHOLSON JP (1786-1805), of Crannagael, County Armagh, married, in 1810, Elizabeth, daughter of George Roe, of Mount Roe, County Armagh, and had issue,
Joseph (1811-30);
George Roe, died young;
Charles James;
HENRY JOSEPH, of whom hereafter;
Elizabeth; Charlotte Matilda; Frances Elizabeth.
The fourth son,

HENRY JOSEPH NICHOLSON JP (1832-1907), of Crannagael, County Armagh, wedded, in 1865, Emma, daughter of Andrew MacCallum, of Nottingham, and had issue,
HENRY PERCY, his heir;
George Edward Roe, b 1873;
Thomas MacCallum, Indian Army;
Mary Frances Josephine, m R R Atkinson, of Summer Island, of Loughgall.
Mr Nicholson was succeeded by his eldest son,

HENRY PERCY NICHOLSON (1866-), of Crannagael.

CRANNAGAEL HOUSE, near Portadown, County Armagh, is a mid-18th century Georgian house, owned and occupied by Jane and John Nicholson.

The exact date of building is uncertain.

The present house, however, appears to be largely a rebuilding or remodelling of ca 1842 of an older property which has traditionally been dated to the 1760s.

The original house has been variously described as of 1760-3 and 1769, and built for James Nicholson.

It was called 'Cranagill' on maps of 1834-5.

Previously there were two gate lodges associated with the property, both now demolished.

The property is surrounded by gardens, parkland and mature woodland, and the accommodation overlooks an apple orchard.

A self-contained apartment on the East Wing comprises three bedrooms, one double, one twin and one single bedroom.

First published in December, 2016.

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