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The White Knights

The family of FITZGIBBON, the chief of which was styled the White Knight, is descended from the FitzGeralds, progenitors of the great houses of Kildare and Desmond.

From the same origin are descended the Knights of Glin (the Black Knights), and the Knights of Kerry (the Green Knights).

These titles were conferred by the Earl of Desmond, as a Count Palatine, on junior branches of the House of FitzGerald, in the like manner as Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, created his inferior barons.

MAURICE FITZGIBBON, THE WHITE KNIGHT, son of Gilbert FitzJohn, was knighted in the field by EDWARD III in 1333, immediately after the defeat of Scottish forces at the battle of Halidon Hill.

He married Katharine Bruce, and had issue,
DAVID, his successor;
The 1st White Knight died in 1357, and was succeeded by his elder son,

DAVID FITZGIBBON, 2nd Knight, father of

JOHN FITZGIBBON, 3rd Knight, who married Isabella Butler, and had issue,

MAURICE FITZGIBBON, 4th Knight, who wedded Margaret O'Brien, and had issue,
The eldest son,

JOHN FITZGIBBON, 5th Knight, was father of

MAURICE MOR FITZGIBBON, 6th Knight, who wedded secondly, Ellice, daughter of William, 8th Baron Barry, and had issue,
The 6th White Knight died in 1496, and was succeeded by his younger son,

MAURICE OGE FITZGIBBON, 7th Knight, of Michelstown, County Cork, who died in 1530, and was father of

MAURICE FITZGIBBON, 8th Knight, who died in 1543, and was succeeded by his son,

JOHN FITZGIBBON, 9th Knight, who was murdered by his cousins Thomas and Gibbon at the instigation of their half-brother,

JOHN OGE FITZGIBBON, 10th Knight, who died in 1569, and was father of

EDMUND FITZGIBBON, 11th Knight (c1552-1608), father of

MAURICE OGE FITZGIBBON, 12th and last White Knight (c1597-1611), who wedded Thomasin, daughter of Sir Thomas Browne, though the marriage was without issue.

There have been several claimants to the title.

The Earls of Clare claimed to have sprung from the White Knights.

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