Thursday, 30 March 2017

1974: Barristers

My old street directory has a section entitled Barristers-at-Law.

This selective list includes judges.

  • R Appleton QC, 12 Waterloo Park South, Belfast
  • R D Carswell QC, 40 Massey Avenue, Belfast
  • His Honour Judge Conaghan, 17 Beechlands, Belfast
  • The Rt Hon Lord Justice Curran, 19 Deramore Park, Belfast
  • The Rt Hon Lord Justice Gibson, 13 Broomhill Park, Belfast
  • F P Girvan, 11 Waterloo Park, Belfast
  • A R Hart, 94 Old Holywood Road, Belfast
  • His Honour Judge Higgins, 2 Waterloo Park, Belfast
  • J B E Hutton, 9 North Circular Road, Belfast
  • His Honour Judge Johnson, 69 Somerton Road, Belfast
  • The Rt Hon Lord Justice Jones, 10 Kincora Avenue, Belfast
  • Brian F Kerr, 23 Ailesbury Road, Belfast
  • C M Lavery QC, 120 Harberton Park, Belfast
  • R L McCartney QC, 35 Malone Park, Belfast
  • L P McCollum, 24 Adelaide Park, Belfast
  • His Honour Judge McGonigal, 16 Hawthornden Road, Belfast
  • Wm B McIvor QC MP, 2 Cherryvalley Park, Belfast
  • John McKee, 40 Malone Heights, Belfast
  • J D McSparran QC, 10 Malone Park, Belfast
  • The Rt Hon Lord Justice McVeigh, 12 Annadale Avenue, Belfast
  • The Hon Mr Justice O'Donnell, 155 Glen Road, Falls, Belfast
  • His Honour Judge Sir Robert Porter PC QC, 86 Marlborough Park North, Belfast
  • J K Pringle, 10 Harberton Avenue, Belfast
  • His Honour Judge Watt, 12 Deramore Drive, Belfast
I wonder if any of them are still practising?

First published in May, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Girvan and Hart are still on the Bench, although living elsewhere now! Brian Kerr later lived in Malone Pk too, but has since moved also, as has Bob McCartney. Teddy Jones was an interesting character, I think he retired to his wife's huge pile in Wales, if I remember correctly. Curran had obviously moved on from Whiteabbey at that time too.

Anonymous said...

Michael Lavery QC is the only member still working at the Bar. Jim McSparron QC passed away a short number of months ago.

Anonymous said...

Many of these boys ended up residing in the Holywood/Cultra area and those who are still alive continue to.

Irishlad said...

Note that Justice O'Donnell still "lived"on the Glen Road(heart of west Belfast)in one of the worst years of the troubles.
I have the 1975 Street directory and it a massive tome,full of unimaginable facts.The later ones in the 80's were about half the size and a lot of the sensitive details were omitted.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few Old Brackenbrians and OC's among that number.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Sir Robert Porter has just passed away at the end of May there. Very sad to hear that.