Saturday, 26 January 2019

Orangefield House: 1971

A former form master from Orangefield Boys Secondary School contacted a friend of mine recently to show a few 8mm films from 1971.

One of the films was made in the grounds of Orangefield House, then a burnt-out shell with a scrapyard of cars.

I am very grateful to Matt Maginnis for the use of these valuable photographic relics, taken prior to the imminent demolition of Orangefield House, Knockbreda, Belfast.

I have written extensively about the Orangefield Park, once the home of the Blakiston-Houstons.

Dick BH sent me his father's reminiscences several years ago.

The family owned over 5,000 acres of land in County Down ca 1870.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

The side elevation facing southwards, with its characteristic three-bay bow.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

Above, the entrance front, to the east.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

A closer view of the great columns at the entrance front.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

Finally, what was once the courtyard of a noble mansion house, used as a scrapyard.

Are the remains of the white car those of a Morris Minor?

First published in January, 2013.


Gavin Bamford said...


Anonymous said...

Looks more like a Mark 9 Jaguar I think.

magillpeter said...

Matt taught me geography at Orangefield and field trips to the school outdoor centre in the Mournes were a real education - these photographs are another great contribution as the old house was a dominant presence during our schooldays.

Unknown said...

I remember the film made and shown to us by mister maguiness. The boy in the pictures is, I believe, Brian Smallwood who sadly passed away a few years ago. My name is Tommy Smith . if anyone remembers me it would be nice to hear from them