Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Contented Lawson

Cordial congratulations and best wishes to Nigel Lawson, who has spoken of his “happy” relationship with an Oxford University academic who is 37 years his junior. I am pleased for him.

Lady Thatcher’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer admitted he was lucky to have met Tina Jennings, a multi-millionaire’s ex-wife, when she attended a lecture he gave on economic policy.

The Rt Hon the Lord Lawson of Blaby PC, 80, told the Evening Standard:
“Yes, she is a lot younger, but she’s, what, 43, with three children, two of them teenagers, so she’s a fully mature person. We live separately, of course. She has her life, her job in Oxford, and two of her children are at school in Oxford – so we live separately. When I have to travel, we often travel together. But we’ve been together for just over a year and, touch wood, I’m a lucky man.”

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