Monday, 26 March 2012


Another day at El Cotillo beach, though windy and more sand-blasting. Exfoliation!

I ate again at The Temple last night. The diligence of the staff there is exemplary and there are a mere four of them: John, the proprietor; Peter, the head waiter; Colin, the chef; and an assistant.

I fancied the roast chicken dinner last night. The Deal was a starter and main meal for €10, so I had the ham and cheese quiche slice (I cannot recall what they called it), followed by the chicken, consisting of several slices of chicken breast; a small disc of stuffing; creamed potato; a roast potato; a Yorkshire pudding; rich gravy; and a side dish consisting of peas, carrot slices and cabbage.

Timothy Belmont generally eats whatever he likes, so I will happily partake of Tapas, though I shan't have the likes of mussel, limpet, sea cucumber, oyster, winkle etc. Prawn, lobster, crab and the like are all fine, minus their shells.

The Canarian clocks went forward an hour yesterday, so the sun is rising now.


madpierre said...

your missing the best weather of the year here kid!!!
nearly 21 degrees in one place here yesterday!!!!
19 degrees at the city hall today!!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Dear Pierre

That shall be your summer, so make the most of it whilst it lasts.

LMAO ;-)