Thursday, 22 March 2012

Corralejo: IV+

Whilst exercising the trusty gnashers at The Temple last night, I enquired as to an appropriate establishment where I might meet some convivial female company of a not dissimilar age-group to self (keep rocking, Ronnie Wood!); viz, an agreeable bar of some sort.

I was advised to try The Rogues' Gallery or Robin's Nest. the latter being en route to the temporary Belmont GHQ, so I paid it a visit.

Now this is indeed an unpretentious, cosy enough English pub and, you've guessed it, the publican's name was Robin.

I'd already had my quota of gins for the evening, so I ordered a tonic-water, which Robin duly poured out of a large bottle.

Gazing round the establishment, I noted no ladies of particular note, apart from three silver-haired pensioners enjoying themselves in a corner.

Timothy Belmont, cognizant that he is no spring chicken, is, nonetheless, youthful and vigorous enough when required. Most of the clientele were senior citizens or couples; an ancient version of Chris Rea was churning out the old Numbers on an equally ancient guitar, and crooning for good measure.

Hence, dear readers, you get the picture. No joy for Timothy there. I decided I'd had enough after a while and took my leave.


Hernandez said...

You should try McCarthy's bar. Just off the main road on the left hand side (as you are heading towards the petrol station i.e north).

Timothy Belmont said...

I wonder if they are related to the McCarthys of the Ards Peninsula, Fiddler's Green, etc...

Skullmartin said...

Midnight Cowboy rides again!

Rex Hunter said...

I'm sure we don't begrudge you a Spanish holiday, but must point out that your presence in London for the Jubilee events of June 3/4 is surely obligatory - and I feel further compelled to stress that as recently as 1588 your Spanish hosts attempted to topple the previous Queen Elizabeth from the throne !

Anonymous said...

Re: trawling around bars in foreign parts in search of women. I doubt if this is a very productive or cost-effective method?
Much better, and more patriotic, to try internet-dating at home in Belfast. I know a guy of your vintage who does this and is out with a different woman nearly every night. Some of them even drink gin.

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

Well perhaps I'm too particular, I am on a free internet dating site, though have had no joy there.

I'm looking for a petite, youthful, kind, agreeable lady; hopefully with a few similar interests as self - swimmimg, heritage, NT etc.

So far I have resisted paying for any entry in a dating site database. Does your pal pay to be on a site?

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Adlington is the woman for you. She's youthful, agreeable, good at swimming, interested in heritage (does her bit for the UK anyway) and looks the part.
I'll get back re your other question.
Good luck.

R Wombat