Saturday, 24 March 2012

Corralejo: VI

I jumped onto the local bus today and travelled the forty minute journey - via a few villages - to El Cotillo. First port-of-call was El Goloso, a village patisserie.They happen to have another branch in Puerto del Rosario, too.

Ha! A gorgeous French tart was gazing fondly at me from behind the counter, a spectacle which Timothy Belmont found irresistible.

Thus, with the tart in hand and a freshly-squeezed orange juice, I took a table in this rustic and popular establishment.

The tart - more of a tartlet, really - was diminutive and crammed with four fruits, including grape, strawberry and some star-shaped affair.

Later I strode onwards to the beach and found a sunny, sheltered spot. This was my best day yet. After a fruit lunch, I ambled over to La Concha bar-restaurant, formerly Torino's, where I indulged in a modest refresher, viz. Bacardi and Coke.

This evening I have received an invitation to the first anniversary of the Kactus Cafe in the resort.

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