Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Corralejo: IX

John, the owner of The Temple restaurant in Corralejo, kindly offered me a lift to the airport when I depart. His brother happens to be travelling back to Belfast on the same flight.

I had their Mexican Fajitas last night, nose-bag firmly affixed, followed closely by their sublime cheesecake which, had I a ruler, must have measured three or four inches in depth.

The buses here are Mercedes-Benz. Passenger seats all have seat-belts and arm-rests.

They are fully automatic, with six gears, air-conditioning and all mod-cons.

Curiously, I wondered why they have a cigarette lighter at the driver's console, given that smoking on the bus is not permitted. Ought they not to be discouraging drivers from smoking?

Returning from El Cotillo to Corralejo, the driver was cruising along at up to 100 kph, whatever that is in mph.

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