Friday, 16 March 2012

Prince Philip at Hillsborough

His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh today met one hundred Duke of Edinburgh Award winners at a ceremony in Hillsborough Castle, County Down.

Upon arrival, HRH was greeted by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of County Down, Mrs Fionnuala Cook OBE DL, and went on to meet Mrs Ann Mackie, Sheriff for County Down and Ms Kate Thompson, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Director, Northern Ireland.

In the Drawing Room Prince Philip met Ms Karen Carson, Room Steward,, Mr Edwin Parks, Deputy Room Steward,  and Group Marshall Heather Best. HRH had the opportunity to chat with approximately forty Gold Award recipients, their families and friends.

In the Small Dining Room His Royal Highness accepted an invitation to present Operating Authority Licence Certificates to the following organisations: Queen’s University Belfast, Officer Training Corps, Northern Ireland Church Lads and Church Girls’ Brigade, Scout Council for Northern Ireland, the Royal School Armagh and the Probation Board for Northern Ireland.

HRH was invited by Ms Thompson to present gifts of a Certificate and a Photo-book to recently retired DoE office holders Mr Gordon Topping OBE, retired Chairman, Northern Ireland Ambassador Network and Mr Brian Dillon, retired DoE Manager, North Eastern Education and Library Board.

Prior to lunch Prince Philip also met Dr Robson Davison, Chairman, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Northern Ireland Ambassador Network and a number of current and recently retired members of the Ambassador Network and  Funders.

Before departure HRH signed the visitors’ book bringing the engagement to a close.


Anonymous said...

License spelt with an "s" rather than a "c"? Is our Prince becoming Americanised?

Anonymous said...

License spelt with an "s" rather than a "c"? Is our Prince becoming Americanised?

Gavin Bamford said...

A strange award for HRH to present; "Operating Authority License Certificates". I cxan't see anything on Google to say what they are and what connection Royalty has to them?

Timothy Belmont said...

Well noticed! I hurried to get that out and didn't spot the misspelling. I copied it from the NIO website, by the way! Their spelling, however, I shall correct it now!

Anonymous said...

An operating authority license is given to associatons giving them the authority to operate the Duke of Edinburgh's

I was at the presentation today, (my name appeared in the NIO report), it was a lovely occasion and HRH was in great form.I was honoured to be presented to HRH.

It is wonderful that HRH comes to Northern Ireland for these occaions.