Monday, 19 March 2012

Corralejo: II

I had a terrific meal at the Temple Restaurant in Corralejo last night: Quail's eggs with Camambert cheese and salad; a very good cod-fish with home-made thick-cut chips.

The proprietor John is originally from Belfast and knows what his diners like. Service is excellent. They were heavily booked last night, though I'd reserved a table, so they greeted me like an old friend, given that I have eaten there before.

Earlier I met the Athlone couple at a beach bar called Waikiki Beach, which, incidentally, had some very pretty waitresses. Ann-Marie told me I didn't look my age! How delightful.


Irishlad said...

Tim,i suppose you told Ann-Marie you were 70...only kiddin' :)

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! I told her my actual age and noble rank - what a hoot. We all had a great laugh about it. She was "into" heritage, too; so we chatted about various old stately piles.

The stone and mortar type, that is. ;-)