Thursday, 22 March 2012

Corralejo: IV

Fool, Belmont! I decanted what I believed to be Factor 15 or 20 into a 100ml bottle for the hand luggage; and, despite slapping the stuff liberally on the estimable Belmont figure, I have suffered a degree of sun-burn.

I was compelled to buy a bottle of Aftersun yesterday, since the stuff I brought with me was considerably depleted.

Never mind, all is fair and well in the Belmont household. I revisited The Temple last night, feeling an urge to get the trusty gnashers into their well-known slow-cooked lamb shoulder, though another party had eaten the lot; so I donned the nose-bag for the Fillet of Beef Rossini instead.

Methinks I shall stay out of the sun's full glare for a while.


Anonymous said...

poor you x

Timothy Belmont said...

One foot in the grave. ;-)