Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tree Day

Sometimes I get a feeling that tree roots are beginning to sprout from my fingers. Ha! We got another 750 trees planted today at the National Trust's new wood between Portavo and Orlock. There were between five and eight of us.

Saplings included, oak, ash, rowan, hawthorn and Scots pine.

So far we have planted about 5,000 trees out of the total of 8,000. Not bad, considering our finite numbers and limited resources.

It was really fine today, when the sun shone. I had my usual cheese and onion sandwiches, washed down with château Punjana.  Ron, were those more sardines I sniffed? Methinks metamorphosis from homo sapiens to sardine.

Ron and I shared a little joke, as to whether I'd be able to remember all the different species of trees planted.

Five out of five, then?

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