Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cycle Lanes

I cycled into town today. A sunny day invariably encourages me to get some fresh air and exercise, into the bargain.

I have a bone to pick, though: Black taxi cabs were parked right along the green, designated cycle lane on Amelia Street, adjacent to the Crown Bar.

Now I have the utmost respect for the Belfast constabulary, though I seldom witness huge numbers of them plodding the beat in central Belfast. Perhaps I am simply not there at the right time.

Surely the police have a responsibility to enforce illegal parking? Or traffic wardens?

I agree that it must be tricky to slap a ticket on a cab's windscreen, if cabbie is present; so they should be prosecuted, shouldn't they?

Might I suggest that, if black taxis continually park with impunity on green cycle lanes, it makes a nonsense and mockery of parking laws and by-laws?

Furthermore, if such laws are practically unenforceable, why have marked cycle lanes at all?

By the way, I have contacted the Department for Regional Development NI, Belfast City Council and Cycle NI about this matter.


Anonymous said...

Designated Day clearly at Ballymisart! Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. A fine sight.

Anonymous said...

Not a great civil libertarian then Tim?


Timothy Belmont said...


'Twas blustery today; kept getting entangled. ;-)

W, Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson was right: Get rid of all parking restrictions in city centres for abundant Business and Commerce!