Saturday, 9 February 2013

Minnowburn Woods

Despite the inclement conditions, two dozen of us assembled at the National Trust's wonderful Minnowburn property this morning.

There were young people with us, several of whom were hoping to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

The purpose today was to clear an area of ground in the middle of the woods, for future use as an educational and adventure point.

Phil and self sawed large logs for use as seating; while Anna provided us all with a practical and instructive lesson on how best to light a Kelly kettle, using a magnesium flint fire striker, cotton wool, wood shavings and kindling.

Afterwards, we re-assembled at the car-park, where some of us took advantage of the quirky mobile diner a la fran├žais: A fifty-year-old Citron van converted for use as a mobile food service.

Later, a few of us returned to the Warden's office, where we chatted and had coffee.

Colin tells me that the large, green barn beside the office will be demolished shortly; thus providing much-needed space for car-parking.

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