Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nambarrie Tea

Nambarrie is the brand name of a tea company formerly based in Belfast, now owned by R Twining and Company.

Twining's, tea and coffee merchants, are by appointment to HM The Queen.

Nambarrie Tea Company Ltd now operates delivery depots at Mallusk, County Antrim, and Glasgow.

It is reputedly the largest brand in Northern Ireland; and the third biggest brand in Scotland.

I should imagine that Nambarrie, given its long tradition and heritage in Northern Ireland and Scotland, is well suited to the Ulster-Scots palate.

They created a blend which complements the Province's soft water.

Founded in 1860, the company began trading in York Street, Belfast,  originally as Pratt and Montgomery.

However, during wartime bombing in 1941, the company's premises in Tomb Street were completely destroyed, reportedly leaving only a horse drawn delivery van intact.

The company moved to new premises at Victoria Street and the corner of Waring Street.

Their other brand was called Namosa Tea.

In 2008, Nambarrie announced its plans to close its factory in Belfast. The factory is now closed and production currently takes place at Andover, Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

Local tea importers like SD Bells and Punjana are still beavering away, providing local employment and good tea.

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, thanks for that timely reminder. I "pump iron" within a stone's throw of Punjana's premises, at Connswater!

SD Bell's is a much-loved local establishment in east Belfast, which I hold in esteem.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, currently Punjana is a larger brand than Nambarrie, as Punjana is the best selling tea in Northern Ireland and has been for several years. They are also the only remaining tea company that supplies the major retailers whilst still being based in Northern Ireland. Hope it continues

Timothy Belmont said...

Alas I'm no connoisseur of tea leaves: What is the difference. in flavour, between Nambarrie and Punjana?

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of Nmabarrie, I can advise there was very little difference in taste between Punjana & Nambarrie pre 2008 as both used the same blend of teas from Kenya & Assam,India. However since Twinings moved production to England I believe the original blend is no longer used as the taste is no longer as good as it once was. Falling sales by retailers would also indicate that consumers in NI agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where the brand name 'Nambarrie' comes from?