Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fuerteventura: VI

I revisited The Temple restaurant last night. I fancied one of their sumptuous puddings, so I opted for a starter in lieu of a main course.

I had cod fish cakes. These were good; in between the size of a tennis-ball and a golf-ball; lightly-battered; served with an aesthetically-pleasing little salad and a ramekin of tartare sauce.

To accompany these, I had cheesy garlic bread.

For pudding, I had The Temple's signature home-made cheesecake with Bailey's liberally doused thereon. This is real cheese-cake, to my mind; and it's about three inches in thickness, at least.

Including a cola, the meal set me back about €13.

John was running the restaurant himself last night. His chef and a sous-chef were in the kitchen.

I overheard a party of four ~ two couples ~ chatting about this and that. One couple was English; the other sounded Scandinavian to me.

The English fellow, a middle-aged man, was telling his counterpart about a convertible "Roller" at home in England, which he drove occasionally during the summer months. I wondered if it was a vintage Corniche Convertible.

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