Friday, 15 February 2013

Fuerteventura: III

The sun had his hat on yesterday: Hip hip hooray! The Factor Twenty was slapped on and a spot of solar worship called for.

Alas, I indulged in a few more Tanquerays at the apartment ~ Belmont GHQ ~ prior to gracing the town with its presence (!).

I accosted Sarah again. She has a fourtenn month old son, she apprised me. She was too preoccupied with drumming up business to chat to me.

I felt like some fresh pasta last night, so ventured into a little bistro called Trattoria Nonna Pasqualina, where I ordered a kind of ravioli in sauce; followed by panna cotta.

Despite rather enjoying the meal, it didn't fill me to a massive extent; to such an extent that I had buttered toast with raspberry jam when I got back to Belmont GHQ.

Readers, please do not be too critical of spelling errors; or, rather, typingand errors. I am using the little Dell Mini 9, and these things tend to happen occasionally.

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