Monday, 11 February 2013

Papal Resignation

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation, with effect from the 28th February, 2013, due to his advanced age (85).


The Earl Bishop said...

Very sad indeed. Joseph Ratzinger is an excellent theologian. I suspect his successor will be an Italian, who will most likely be a "Manager" rather than a theologian.

A couple of issues arise from this "abdication", for some reason "resignation" is the buzz word in the media.

1) As this has happened for the first time since the 14th Cent, what title will Joseph Ratzinger have?

2)One assumes that he will no longer be "Infallible"

Timothy Belmont said...

I heard on the news this morning that he'll be known as Cardinal Ratzinger.

The Earl Bishop said...

Alas he will not be Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, unless he is appointed as such by the new Pope. He may simply be Bishop Ratzinger. Bishop Emeritus of Rome.