Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fuerteventura: VII

I have spent the day at base camp, Belmont GHQ Canary Islands. There have been sunny intervals; it has been warm enough when the sun shows its face.

It was here that I ate this evening: A very large, home-made beef burger, Hawaiian style, with pineapple slice, finely chopped onion and seafood sauce.

Curiously, the beef was a bright red. I noticed this at the supermarket, thinking it would brown when cooked; though, despite a good ten minutes at a high temperature, it remained reddish (although the exterior was browned).

Nevertheless, it proved to be a truly meaty specimen of its kind.

TONIGHT I'm seated outside the Kactus cafe bar, sipping a lovely Bacardi and Coke. The ice-cubes are almost the size of squash balls.

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