Monday, 4 February 2013

Royal Remains?

I HAVE been following Peter Oborne's progress re alcohol abstention throughout the month of January. I think he has done well, apart from a few lapses.

I exhort all those who, like myself, enjoy a drink or two, to read his piece this morning; and please do send your comments.

ONE PROGRAMME I shan't miss this evening will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 9pm.

When a skeleton was reported found under a Leicester council car park in September 2012, the news broke around the world. Could it be the remains, lost for 500 years, of England's most infamous king?

In a world exclusive, Channel 4 has the full inside story of the hunt for RICHARD III (1452-85).

The discovery of the body and the battery of scientific tests to establish its identity have been carried out in complete secrecy, with no footage of them seen by anyone but the investigating team.

But this programme - made by the only team allowed to follow the scientists - tells every step, twist and turn of the story.

It unveils a brand new facial reconstruction made from the skull and - in scenes shot just hours before broadcast - reveals the results of the final tests that confirm or deny the body's identity.


Gavin Bamford said...

Confirmed now & looking forward to the programme as well. How 'Royal' will the funeral etc be? Should be the 'full' one.

Timothy Belmont said...

I heard at lunchtime that The Duke of Gloucester is patron of the RICHARD III Society; he might attend.

Rex Hunter said...

there is the tricky fact that Richard was obviously a Catholic, it being pre-Reformation. Can there be a state funeral therefore ; it is one for wise counsels between the Anglicans and Catholics.