Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fresh Fish

When I strode up to the fresh fish counter my my local Tesco's this morning, I mused for awhile as to whether to go for the salmon or cod.

The amicable fishmonger asked whether I'd prefer the smoked or plain cod loin.

I bought a lovely cod loin.

Moreover, to my slight delight, she enquired if I'd like it in an oven bag. Behind the counter, there were complimentary discs of savoury butter. I opted for the garlic & herb variety.

These oven bags facilitate the cooking, complete with instructions thereon.

Steady, lovely female admirers and devotees: Timothy Belmont has indeed had a modest Plymouth Gin restorative.

Like Bertie Wooster's valet, Jeeves, the considerable Belmont cranial cortex has swollen in extent, principally as a direct consequence of the consumption of fresh fish.

It baked in the oven like a dream. It was superb. Not one bone. Sumptuous.

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