Saturday, 13 April 2013

Leslie Hill Closure

The Ballymoney Times reports that Leslie Hill Farm, which brought thousands of visitors to the Borough since it began in 1989, has closed to the general public.

The estate was not opened at Easter, 2013,  and a message on the website said:
“Unfortunately, Leslie Hill will not be opening for Easter 2013 and will remain closed throughout June, July and August. We thank you wholeheartedly for your visits in previous years and are sorry to disappoint you at this time.”
A council spokesperson confirmed that they had been contacted to not include the Farm on their tourist information brochures.

A member of the family, Mr John Leslie, said his parents who ran the farm since it opened, were both over 80 and had “done as much as they could.”

He added that they had wanted to retire. Mr Leslie said it was regrettable that the Farm had to close but did not rule it re-opening in the future.

Councillor Bill Kennedy said the news had saddened him. It was, he said, a very popular and well established facility in Ballymoney and provided the Borough with a great tourist boost:
“Leslie Hill was ideal for families and young children and had helped educate a great many in the ways of farming and how to care and look after animals. Mr and Mrs James Leslie deserve to step back and take things a bit easier and I wish both a very happy retirement."

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