Thursday, 4 April 2013


Regular readers will have discerned that I repeat, or reissue, articles, most of which were posted about eighteen months ago.

Whilst it's true that my scope for new pieces pertaining to Ulster country houses is diminishing (mainly because I feel I've already written about the majority of the more interesting ones), I continue to search for new demesnes or estates.

When an old article is reissued, I generally revise it, adding "meat to the bones". I often undertake further research on the family, for instance.

I have an established format for these articles, so I'm sometimes re-writing older posts in the preferred format.

I currently have twenty-six drafts of brand new articles, which will be published throughout 2013.

This week I have been investigating the Gledstanes' of Fardross.


Gavin Bamford said...

One you could try is why 'Castle Bamford' just south of Kilkenny is so called. It is a total ruin in the centre of a couple of fields with rights-of-way clearly discernable from the air. I like to think of it as a possible retirement project if I ever won the lottery!! Unfortunately, no connection to my family.

Anonymous said...

Still hope that one day you might be able to track some huge house in Co Carlow once owned by a family called Leckie. My first trip away from home was in 1944 when we went with great difficulty owing to the war etc to stay with them. Mr Leckie, Rupert, was later thought to have drowned himself.

Anonymous said...

Lord Belmore has only this week bought Fardross!