Friday, 26 April 2013

The Hawthorne at Fulton's

Timothy Belmont was at large in Balmoral today. Balmoral, Belfast, that is to say, as opposed to Balmoral, Aberdeenshire.

My first port-of-call was Agnew's Mercedes-Benz dealership, where I admired the shiny, polished metal on display, viz. the SLK variant.

I was offered a cup of Americano coffee and a miniature buttered scone, which I gladly accepted.

Thence, I motored in the direction of Marks & Spencer's food store and Fulton's emporium.

At M&S, I bagged a bot of Pinot Grigio wine.

Fulton's furnishings is now sadly closed down, though the splendid Hawthorne Restaurant upstairs remains in business.

I have been a customer at the Hawthorne since the eighties, when it was across the road in more modest premises.

This afternoon, I decided to have the magnificent chicken, mushroom and onion tart, accompanied by a fine mixed salad, with a good portion of coleslaw.

Their creamy dressing is simply superb. It sits in a large receptacle, complete with ladle, on a counter behind the cash-till.

My salad was treated to a liberal amount of this thick, ambrosial concoction.

If anything the Hawthorne is better than ever.

I complimented the staff thereafter and bade them adieu.

On my way home, I stopped at a bicycle retailer on Ravenhill Road, where I inquired about that Range-Rover of traditional cycles, viz. the Pashley.

I call it the Range-Rover because one's sitting-position is somewhat elevated.

These sit-up-and-beg type of two-wheelers are admirable pieces of traditional British craftsmanship. I was apprised that 5% discount would be as much as patrons might expect.

UPDATE: At Halford's I was informed that they are selling Pashleys at a £60 discount until Tuesday. That includes delivery within several days.

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