Thursday, 25 April 2013

Island Taggart

I have been on Island Taggart all day.

This is a property inalienably held by the National Trust. It lies between Ringdufferin directly to its north and Killyleagh, the nearest village, to the south, in County Down.

The island is one mile long and a quarter of a mile wide at its widest point; a total area of about 85 acres, acquired in 1984 from Patrick and Kathleen Mackie.

Its length and the height of its two drumlins make it particularly attractive in the southern half of Strangford Lough.

There were only four of us on this occasion, though we managed to get a lot of work done: Old hawthorn branches were burned; logs were gathered; and we began digging a new pond on the southeast of the island, within sight of Dunnyneil Islands.

We also recorded ten nests at a heronry towards the southern tip of Taggart.

I had prawn mayonnaise sandwiches and tea for lunch today; and Craig offered us all chunky Kit-Kat bars.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if sometime you would possibly be able to look at the Hartes of Donegal (Doagh - or maybe Doe - Castle? (I think.) Frank Harte lived at Ballynagard House Culmore Derry in the 1970s. So close to the border that the IRA drove in the back avenue and out the front... Just a thought...

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks, I'll investigate further!