Monday, 15 April 2013

Santander UK

Further to my complaints and criticism of the bank Santander UK plc, I was kept on the phone ~ an 0845 number ~ for 29 minutes and 12 seconds on Friday morning.

I checked my phone account and this can be verified.

I was unable to close my savings account online, so I was compelled to phone them, unfortunately.

I was merely trying to close a savings account.

Is this how Santander UK treats all its savers?

I should not object were Santander to offer me some recompense as consolation for my time and trouble, merely to close an account which now pays the princely interest rate of 0.50%.

I shall keep you apprised if this article generates a reaction from them.

Dear readers, please do not be fooled by recent Santander UK advertisements featuring the sporting celebrities McIlroy, Button and Ennis.


Anonymous said...

you'll be interested to know that Santander were recently nominated as the bank which provides the poorest customer service. The ads with J. Ennis, McIlroy etc (how embarrassing he is ! ) etc are woeful.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem - took months to resolve. Try writing a brief letter and bringing it into a branch. Hand it over and demand (in a loud voice) information on how to get your money back.
Good luck.
They will never see another penny of my money.

R Wombat.

Anonymous said...

Have to be fair, I have dealings, both online , which works great, on the phone polite and helpful and at the Branch, explaining different options, no problems at all, I at the minute switching my account to them to avail of a better interest rate, I will report how it all works out.

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, perhaps they've improved!