Monday, 15 April 2013

Spending Spree

Timothy Belmont was on a spending spree today. I motored over to Richer Sounds in order to procure a pair of "Premium Foldable Mini Headphones".

These were for my newly-acquired iPad 32gb Retina.

They were in stock, so that was the first purchase.

Since I still had plenty of time left on the parking-ticket, I ventured across the street to the Castle Court shopping-centre.

Passing Laura Ashley's store, I noticed that bright red "Sale" signs proliferated. Ambling in, I bagged one silk cushion, one beaker and one Britannia Doormat, Duck-Egg.

Those readers who happen to be cognizant of my admiration for the late noble Baroness shall be particularly gratified that the acquisition of the said doormat is indeed propitious.


The Earl Bishop said...

I have also been a lackluster spendthrift these last two weeks. Having discovered an online shop for Whittard of Chelsea.

Finally His Grace has a decent tea merchant. Joy of Joys, loose leaf Darjeeling....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continuing blogging - cheers me up every day.
Don't know if Mrs Thatcher would have approved of your doormat - colours not bright enough!
I too am a devoted enemy of Santander.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks to everybody for the valued comments.

My Lord Bishop, there is a tea merchant in the Earldom, long established, called SD Bell's.