Saturday, 22 March 2014

Al's Breath Test

In a chapter of Back Fire entitled Cloisters Alan Clark tells us of his encounter with a red Hillman in central London.

It was January, 1981.

He inadvertently intercepted the Hillman, only to be flagged down by the occupants, who had put on their police caps.

They proceeded to breath-test Alan. The result was negative.

Later that evening, Al went down to the bar at Pratt's and none other than the Secretary of State for the Home Department (William Whitelaw) was holding a whisky and soda "dark as a piece of mahogany veneer".

Willie was splendid, indignant that the police should dare to detain Alan, "monstrous...where did it happen...on what grounds" etc.

Alan's final comment on the matter: "The Drinker's Union".

Splendid stuff. Sheer brilliance.

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