Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gran Familia Restaurant

The Gran Familia Chinese restaurant is on Avenida Antonio Dominguez, in close proximity to the little café Epoca I've been frequenting for breakfast.

I arrived at Gran Familia at about seven thirty last night. Although I'd have preferred to be seated indoors, the only available table was outside.

It was really quite busy and the staff were working hard to serve, take orders and attend to diners generally.

Shortly after I sat down, an older couple arrived and took the table a few feet away. They were chain smokers and unfortunately (for me) the smoke wafted in my direction.

The lady ate and held her cigarette in the other hand, in fact!

My starter of spring rolls was good: tasty, crispy outside, and a moist filling.

I usually have the standard Chinese fare of chicken or prawns in sweet & sour sauce, Peking sauce, or even Szechuan sauce though, on this occasion I was slightly more adventurous.

I ordered crispy duck in mango sauce, with egg fried rice.

When it arrived, the duck was neatly sliced in bite-size pieces on a platter.

The rice, of course, arrived separately.

This helping was large; too big for me, indeed. It was easily enough for two, I should think.

The meat was very lean and tender; the sauce, mild and subtle with the mango slices.

The duck cost €14.75.

I was annoyed that I couldn't finish the meal. I must have eaten about two thirds of it.

They did ask me if I wished to take it away, though.

The staff brought me a complimentary glass of Irish Cream liqueur before I settled the bill, about €24.

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