Thursday, 13 March 2014

Parisian Delectation

The trusty two-wheeler got an airing today. The snail was on the thorn; the lark on the wing.

I cycled into town, my first port of call being Ross's auction-house, where I had a little look here and there.

Thence I darkened the grand porte-cochere of Belfast City Hall where, inside the porch, stands the poignant white marble of Frederick Richard, Earl of Belfast, with his grieving mother, Harriet Anne, Marchioness of Donegall.

This marble was originally in the family's mortuary chapel in the grounds of Belfast Castle.

Thereafter I parked the two-wheeler outside Marks & Spencer at Donegall Place, dismounted, and made for the food-hall in the basement.

Fodder procured today included chicken Kiev, smoked haddock en croute, fruit pastilles, and some fresh fruit.

On the way home, via High Street, I was tempted to alight at Pâtisserie Mimi, where many exquisitely crafted pastries, sweets, breads, and confections tantalised the gastronomic taste-buds.

I had a great chat with the lovely Tracy, who served me the Taïnori Chocolate, Raspberry Financier, Pistacchio Truffle.
If I might draw your attention to the disposable sanitary glove being worn. Local bakeries in the Province might like to pay particular atttention to this, especially when handling cash transactions. 

This is a pâte sucrée base topped with raspberry and 64% taïnori dark chocolate mousse, raspberry financier, pistachio truffles, chocolate glacage and fresh raspberries.

It was placed in a carton and I took it next door, to the National Grand Café, where I scoffed it down with a cup of coffee.

Needless to say, this treat was rich and luxurious, enough to share really.

Now Timothy Belmont is home, the noble posterior recovering from the well-padded saddle.

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