Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mamma Rosa

I forgot to bring the iPad with me last night so, I'm afraid, no photographs at all of my meal at the long-established Mamma Rosa restaurant.

Mamma Rosa is located at Avenida Santiago Puig, in central Playa de Las Americas.

It's actually set off the street itself, at the side almost.

I used to dine here with my dear parents. The service and food were both of a very good standard.

I'm glad to apprise you that little has changed, in that sense. I was greeted like an old friend, which is always flattering.

I was shown to a small circular table, fitted with linen tablecloth and napkin.

I suppose Mamma Rosa is essentially Italian in character, though it's eclectic and caters for most tastes.

Another trick the head waiter had was to ask me, at the outset, whether I'd like an aperitif, suggesting Dubonnet, Martini Bianco of Campari.

I succumbed and had a Martini, which was served in a tumbler with ice, cherries, lemon and orange slices.

For my first course I had the smoked salmon with a mustard sauce, chives, tomato, and toast.

I'd already been brought a warm bread roll with butter. I requested alioli and this was purveyed shortly.

I ordered one of their signature dishes, the fillet of beef Rossini, with fois gras, in a rich port wine sauce, with a medley of vegetables.

It was an impressive piece of meat, cooked medium-rare, I'd say; perhaps one and a half inches thick.

The Belmont Number One Nose-Bag was earning its keep all right, and my prowess as a hearty trencherman was affirmed (!).

I skipped dessert; requested the bill; and this came with a large shot of some sweet, chilled, sickly liqueur.

Having settled the €36, I bade Mamma farewell.

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