Monday, 24 March 2014

La Fresquera

Last night I dined at La Fresquera, a restaurant in Avenida Antonio Dominguez.

A few hours earlier, I had a large (the pretty little waitress poured it in front of me) Tanqueray at the Café Epoca.

I'd sought a table at La Fresquera a few nights ago, though they were full; so, on this occasion, I reserved a table.

It was outside, at a strategic position where I could observe patrons arriving and departing.

The menu is traditional Catalan cuisine and quite extensive. I opted for a sort of ham and cheese croquettes.

There were about six of them and they reminded me of small Scotch eggs.

Having asked for a glass of Rioja, I had the crispy lamb (shoulder?), served with a vegetable casserole.

The skin was very dark and crispy; the meat tender, moist, and lean, though there were a number of little bones.

During this time, a couple from Scotland arrived and sat at a table beside me. I overheard them talking about our dear Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. 

Looking over and commenting, they invited me over for a chat.

Anyway, my bill came to about €36, which I deemed rather expensive, taking all things into consideration. 

Still, I did have an agreeable evening.

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