Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Junk Food Permit

A happy and peaceful New Year to everyone. Our reception rooms are back to normal again, the furniture returned to its original settings. I've packed up the tree and decorations for yet another year. It always seems rather empty when everything has been put away.

One article on the news today featured the ban on so-called Junk Food during children's programmes. Let me say immediately that I enjoy Junk Food. I relish McDonald's, Burgerking, Hawaiian burgers, Chinese and Indian takeaways etc.

In moderation, though.

The last time I enjoyed a Big Mac was last August in London, four months ago. I indulged in a Burgerking Whopper with cheese, onion rings and fries whilst in Fuerteventura just over a month ago. I usually have a takeaway meal weekly.The fourteenth Duke of Bedford adored Big Macs. His wife, the present dowager Duchess, occasionally drove to the nearest drive-through in order to buy one for His Grace. So, there's nothing at all wrong enjoying this sort of food as a treat now and again.

I think fast food companies are being made scapegoats if the Government bans Junk Food advertisements at certain times. Children will continue to eat this food anyway. I believe that the Government ought to be targeting the parents. It's parents who set the example, and obese children probably reflect the lifestyle of "couch potato" parents.

The chef, Jamie Oliver MBE, admirably endeavoured to change the culture of school meals and, to a degree, this has been partially effective; however, witness the irresponsible parents who shoved packets of chips through the school railings for their kids. These are the kind of people government must tackle. Aren't they?

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