Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Onoto Fountain Pen Restoration

When I got back from the gym at lunchtime there was a package in the hall from the postman: my restored Onoto pen. I wrote an article about it several months ago and decided to have it repaired.

It appears that the reason for its not functioning was a missing head mount. Dr Oldfield has done a splendid job. He has serviced it (£18), including re-finishing the oxidized ends; and supplied and fitted a new piston head mount (£6). Special delivery cost a fiver and he packaged it exceedingly well, with a little plastic case. The pen itself is now pristine, like new.

It writes beautifully; there really is nothing to touch such a fountain pen - even, dare I say, the august Mont Blanc.I hope and intend to start using it regularly.


Anonymous said...

Lord B, delighted to hear the Onoto restoration was a success! Sounds like a bargain for a fully restored pen of such quality! Shame our passion for computers casts a bit of a shadow over the humble pen - keep scribbling!

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello BE,

Spot on again! Tapping on the keyboard diminishes considerably usage of such writing instruments; how's 'at for 8.17am? :-)