Tuesday, 21 October 2008

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Cadiz said...

Time to teach these predators a REAL lesson
Daily Mail, UK - 16 Oct 2008
And a science teacher who spanked a 14-year-old's bottom and called her a naughty girl is sent straight to jail. Ha. Are you kidding? ...

The Daily Mail is right, it is time to get the predators out of our schools.

I co-authored many of the List 99 PQs for colleagues for the House of Lords in relation to educator sexual misconduct.

British teachers are our primary child prostitution problem in the United Kingdom and the NASUWT are definitely not helping.

That Movilla issue is a blatant scam, pupils face a triple sanction there and thousands of teachers get immunity or a free pass, it is hardly fair is it?

Teachers are more of a problem in Britain for child protectionists than all the eastern bloc sex taffickers combined. That is the way the numbers work out.

Its time to tell the NASUWT that they can ask for another ten years and the answer will still be no. They have a problem with schoolgirls, and they need to clean up their union.

Gregory Carlin

Irish Anti-Trafficking Coaltion